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Help us buy a home


I need help ! I am a divorced mother, I have a daughter of 15, I live with my pa...

$0 Raised 0%

Goal $100,000

Enaya Development Foundation

Horiah Sabrah

Enaya Development Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, civil developmen...

$0 Raised 0%

Goal $1,000

Calvary Chapel Church of Surprise

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel of surprise believes in sharing God's gospel with the world and...

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Goal $2,500

Palm Vista Church Donations

Palm Vista

Welcome to PalmVista! Our chuch belives is biblical, relevant and missional. Our...

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Goal $5,000

My Son On Life Support Needs Help

Jenny Terrence

I'm trying to get help or start a donation page for my son. Hes 29 on life suppo...

$1875 Raised 38%

Goal $5,000

Dialysis patient in need of help

Bland Coulter

Hello and thank you for viewing my campaign. I am in need of support to help tak...

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Goal $1,000

Raising Money For Our Dogs Cataract Surgery

Jeremy Benson

We are trying to raise money for Benny'scataract surgery, heis also a diabetic a...

$1650 Raised 47%

Goal $3,500

Snow Plow Truck Business

Peter Harrison

Greetings! My name is Peter and im trying to raise enough capital to buy this be...

$450 Raised 9%

Goal $5,000






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